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Propheteer Presses For Sale​

2005(?) Profiteer 700 7" Wide (4) Color Press

Unwind, Edge Guide, (4) Flexo Units, (3) GEW UV Stations, (3) Die Stations, Sheeter, conveyer

(4) Anilox Rollers, Approximately 50 print cylinders, no dies.

Ref# 131039971

2001 Propheteer 18" flexo press
KTI butt splicer (72" max roll diameter), Doyle web cleaner, (7) print stations (UV) plus 1 aqueous coater (gear driven), VTI infrared dryer system, Heat tunnel after coater, Rotary die cutting stations: 2 on/ 2 off (total of 4), In-line chopper for scrap, Kemp Smith askew system (delivery) Inventory of magnetic dies, Inventory of printing cylinders and gears
ref# 205668866

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