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GT Printing Equipment LLC buys and sells flexo, offset, bindery, and converting machinery. Brands we carry include Allied Gear, Aquaflex, Chestnut, Chesnutm, Comco, Manhasset, Mark Andy, Nilpeter, Gallus, Propheteer, Rotopress, Webtron, Akiyama, Hamada, Heidelberg, KBA Planeta, Komori, Man Roland, Mitsubishi, Sakurai, Shinohara, Akiyama, Hamada, Heidelberg, Komori, Man Roland, Mitsubishi, Sakurai, Shinohara, GEC, Baker Perkins, Billhofer, Didde, Goebel, Halm, Goss, Hantscho, Harris, Heidelberg-Harris, Iberica, King Press, Koenig & Bauer AG ( KBA ), Komori, Kopack, KPG, Lawson, MAN Roland, MPS, Miller, Mitsubishi, Miyakoshi, Muller Martini, Sanden, Solna, Timsons, Bobst, Ijuma, Bowie, Billhoffer, Ga-vehren, GUK, Vijuk, Stahl, Baum, Mark Andy, Formflo, MBO, Prime UV, CC1, Royse, Tresu, Prism, Kama,Omega, Aztech, Kelleigh, Arpeco, Bielloni, Carraro, Cerutti, CMF, Flexotecnica, Gloucester, Hamilton, Harley, Magnat, PCMC, Polar, Wohlenberg, Rotomec, Stevens, Uteco, Victory Kidder, WH, Wolverine, Omega, Aztech, Rotoflex, Rotopress, Kidder, W+H, Jetrion, colordyne and Kelleigh. Whew!