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Comco Presses For Sale​

Comco Proglide 18” Wide (8) Color Press
Martin Butt Splicer, Edge Guide, Corona treater, (8) Print Units w/ Hot Air Dryers, UV Coater,  Lamination, Waste rewind, 2014 KTI Turret Rewind MR2024-05 
Chill Drums
KTI ser#1722 new in 2000

Comco Proglide 16” Wide (8) Color Press – No Chill Drums
KTI ZG2050-08 Butt Splicer, Edge Guide, Corona treater, Web Cleaner,  (8) Print Units w/ Hot air Dryers, Lamination, UV Coater, KTI Turret Rewind MR2024-08 
Ref # 0269B

1995 Comco Commander 16” Wide (4) Color flexo + (1) Screen Press

(2) 40” Unwind w/ 3” & 6” Shafts, Edge Guides, (4) Flexo Colors w/ UV, Screen print unit, Nip Roll to join webs, (2) Die Stations, (2) Product Rewinds, Waste Rewind,

Comco Register control

1/8 pitch

2008 Comco C2 26” Wide (10) color press w/ Hot Air drying

KTI Lap Splicer, 40” Comco unwind, Corona Treater, Web Cleaner, (10) Servo Flexo Units w/ Chill drums, Hot Air Drying, Laminator unwind, Heated Drum Lamination w/ Aqueous and UV, KTI rewind, Chiller, Gas fired burner w/ heat exchanger for hot air dryers.

Print repeat of 12” to 36”

ref # 1501235477

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