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Gidue Presses For Sale​

2008 Gidue I Combat 430 17" (430mm) Wide (8) Color Press UV Servo Press


40" Unwind w/ servo driven unwind shaft for film substrates, Web Cleaner, BST Web guide, Vario servo driven infeed and outfeed, (8) Servo Driven Print Units w/ (1) servo motor for print cylinder & (1) servo motor for impression roller and ink train (8) Chill Drums, Anti-Static Bars, (8) IBS MBS5 UV Dryers, (8) Ink Pumps, Lamination, Cold Foil, Auto Register, Delam-relam, web turn bar, (2) Die-cutting stations, Sheeting Station, Matrix rewind, 40" Product Rewind, touch screen controls, Chiller, Rail system, BST Video Inspection

Ref #5916


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