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Allied Gear Presses For Sale​

1991 Allied Gear FlexoMaster 3 10" Wide (8) Color Press
40" Unwind w/roll lift, Infeed pacing with splicing, Edge Guide, (8) print stations with 4-way adjust print heads, Hot Air Drying on print stations, (1) UV, Turnbar, Graphic Vision RX 100 web inspection system, (3) Die cut positions, Lamination unwind, (2) Waste Rewinds, Exit pacing and Sheeting Station, Product Rewind, Conveyor/Stacker

Approximately 498 dies, 366 Plate Cylinders, 2 engraved Flood Cylinders, 5 Air Assist Tint Cylinders and 22 Anilox Rolls!!

Ref # 6442

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